I have asked myself sometimes, what am I really photographing? Early on I would ask a very beautiful looking woman to model for me. I would be excited to be photographing such an attractive girl. Then the film would come back and the pictures often lacked any sort of spark. What is it I am doing wrong, I asked myself? Then I was askedĀ to photograph a lady that I didn’t think to be so attractive. How am I going to get good pictures of her, I wondered? I hope that I can at least produce something that she will be pleased with.

“Just tell me when you are ready to start shooting,” she said. Well the moment we started,she lit up like a Christmas tree. The pictures were stunning, and there and then I realised. Personality! Never under estimate theĀ importance of personality and the models ability to project her personality into her pictures.

This is Kate and she never pails to project herself into her pictures.


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